So I am planning my life around travel with the ones I love. My business life allows me to do that. And it is not accidental. Building the business so that I can run it remotely has always been a large part of the plan. It won’t be simple as, like most people, I have spent time building a home of sorts and no matter how simple my life I have still collected “lots of stuff” that won’t really fit into a life that is more on the move. I am not free enough yet to say “sod it” and simply live day to day with no home base, so I will still have a place to call home but I don’t think I will be there that much at all from now on.

The last few years have been spent in Southern Spain, a place that I love and hate in equal measure. I love the weather and the lifestyle the food and the wine but hate the bureaucracy and the government. Its been a fantastic home but now I want to spread my wings across not only Spain but the rest of the world. I have been able to build my escort agency business in an environment where sex work and the work of high class Mallorca escorts is one hundred percent legal. And that means that working on my escort agencies is legal too.

I have spent time in Ibiza an island that I love and plan to visit the Canary Islands this year too. Other than this I will be getting from a to b, from Spain to the UK via France and may pop into Belgium on the way. Also, I am just a “hop, skip and a jump” from Portugal so I might take a road trip across that border and spend some time there.

Obviously, Madrid and Barcelona are on the list too. Simply putting myself, the other hoomin in my life and my dogs into the car and off we jolly well go, leaving the kitty cats to watch the house and take care of business. After all, pussies looking after a business based on pussy seems oddly appropriate.

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