Why Are Russian Ladies So Beautiful

Russian girls are always simply stunning, they marvel us all with their incredible beauty and it is a reality that almost every guy out there has fantasized with Russian girls at least once in his lifetime. But, what is it that makes them so gorgeous and outstanding among other women? Let’s take a look.


YES! The world every woman hates to hear and we are so grateful for; genetics. Slave women, especially Russian girls who have lived through a lot of mixtures due to invasion and wars along their history; have developed some features that are especially attractive.

In this sense, their faces are more symmetrical (which is a feature that our brains associate with beauty) and have high cheeks, giving them this elegant and haughty that is so seductive. On the other hand, while they’re not too tall or short, their legs are usually long and the body, In general, is proportioned.

Finally, their skin is thicker so they don’t suffer from wrinkles as fast as the rest of all human beings. No wonder they are so beautiful.

Better Alimentation

Nutrition is Russia is all about avoiding processed food, growing your own crops and use fewer pesticides, etc. Even though some people may think this has nothing to do with beauty, the truth is that they don’t say “you’re what you eat” out of nothing; processed food has lots of oxidants and chemicals that affect the skin, the hair and our organism in general, which can’t be as beautiful as it could if it’s not healthy.


Girls in Russia need to take things on their hands and they do; they believe in themselves and raise their girls to be strong and have vision. This is why they plan everything and take care of every little detail in their aspects so men see them as unreachable and marvelous. And well, it’s working!

Sexual Interest

That same self-esteem that helps Russian girls develop so well in life, also give them the confidence to manage their sexuality in a more honest way. This is, of course, something that men can’t miss and in front of shy girls that don’t act sexually or prepotent girls that think their vagina must be paid in cash, this sexuality comes very attractively for them.

Beauty is #1 priority

Finally, in Russia, the looks are too important; there, they believe that a woman has to be beautiful to be successful so, even when they’re not too wealthy, girls do everything on their hands to look as if they were just out of the salon and the results are simply magnificent!

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