What to Ask to a Russian Woman When you are Dating Her?

Before you jump onto conclusions and judge the Russian women you have started meeting through a specific dating website, it is important for you to learn a few things about them. If you have been dating a specific Russian woman from quite some time and you want to know her more before you take this relationship further, you should know what kind of questions you need to ask her. If the answers in your head match with the answers that she gives, maybe you two are meant for each other.

So what to ask a Russian woman when she is out on a date with you?

No matter how many femmes russes your date, the first thing you should ask them is about their feelings for love. Find out what the woman thinks about concepts like love, marriage, children, family, etc. Of course, you should not jump and ask such questions on the very first date, but if you guys are moving ahead in the casual dating scene and getting into some serious feelings for each other, maybe it is time to ask such questions. If she is willing to answer such a question and share her feelings with you, it is time for you to move ahead to the next question.

The second thing you should ask a Russian woman is about her past. No – we are not talking about the number of affairs she has had; it is her personal affair and you have absolutely no rights to know about it because if there are important things, she would automatically tell you the same. However, if she is still attached to someone from the past, that’s something you have all the rights to know about. If she is currently dating you, you must know whether she is attached to one of her exes because if she is, you might want to know to what extent they are connected.

The third thing you should ask a Russian woman is about her family. Most of the Russian women love talking about their parents, siblings and best friends. You can listen to them all day long because you have asked them a question that they love to talk about.

No matter what kind of questions you ask a Russian woman, make sure they are phrased in an appropriate manner or you may lose a good woman from your life.

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