We Placed an Ad Couple Seeking Woman and It Didn’t Work

So my husband and I wanted to try a threesome but we had no idea how to find a willing woman to join us. So we placed an ad on Craigslist entitled Couple Seeking Woman and waited for people to get in touch.

Strange Replies

Well we didn’t expect the amount of replies we received, and we certainly did not expect them to be so weird, and by weird I mean downright crazy. These people who contacted us seemed to be straight out of the Looney home.

Needless to say we did not reply to anyone from our ad and decided to look elsewhere, and while searching online we came across an adult dating site that allowed couples seeking men and women to join, so we did.

After joining this threesome dating website we started chatting to quite a few members and got to know a handful really well. We then picked out our favorite and arranged a meeting at a local bar in our town we visited on occasions.

Our First Date

To cut this story short the whole evening went wonderfully well and we all got on great and ended up back at our home in bed with this wonderful woman who we had never met in person before tonight, and our very first threesome was an occasion we will never forget.

Over the coming months we met up with her on a regular basis, plus we also found six other women on the adult dating site we joined to meet up with every now and then. We now have what we call date night every Saturday and Sunday night.

Our Threesome with another Woman

And our date night always involves another woman who ends up back at our home for a threesome with us. We enjoy our sex life to the full and have now found a way to keep the sexual spark going in our marriage and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if you’re looking to spice up your love life we both highly recommend trying out a threesome by joining one of the many adult dating sites you can find online.

You can also visit where the bloggers recommend a threesome dating website that they use themselves and which we have tried as well over the last three months, and we have found it to be very useful for finding willing 3some partners.

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