Trip to Glasgow

Glasgow is a beautiful place that you should visit at least once in a lifetime. If you want to go for Glasgow dating for an entire day you could pick an eye on this recommendation. Maybe this city has a lot of museums that you can visit but a walking tour can really tell you the story of this city. Each street has her own story to tell and if you give it a day you will find all its glorious past. This is what you can do in Glasgow for a full day visit.

The Glasgow Green Trail –

In this short walk, there are a lot of stops on the Medieval Glasgow tour that include the Glasgow’s historic park, the People’s Palace, Winter Gardens and Sculpture Park ,Templeton’s Carpet Factory, the children’s play village and also the Greendyke Street Play Area.

The Glasgow Necropolis and Cathedral Precinct –

Glasgow’s oldest house, Provand’s Lordship, the cathedral, St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art, all these are situated around the cathedral. When it comes to Necropolis, every headstone has its own story. Also, there are guide books available and you can pay for a ghost tour at night.

The Clyde Heritage Trail –

Named also a monster tour, a tour that requires public transport, unless if you are brave enough and you want to try the full walk. The starting point is Glasgow Green and it ends in Dumbarton, a tour of stories about the past and the industries.

George Square Heritage Trail –

This one gives you the chance to get to know all about the statues that have been looking down on you while lunch breaks, summer days or evening stagger back to Queen Street Station after a long night out.

The Southern Necropolis –

Here you can see the South Side’s old cemetery, the statue of the White Lady, where the resting places of John S. Smith, his wife Magdalene and theirs housekeeper Mary McNaughton. You can download a free guide for learning all about what happened to them.

The Langside Heritage Trail –

This is a South Side tour where you’ll discover and find all kind of informtions about great battles, the Winter Gardens, about Queen’s Park and alo about the most famous Glasgow’s architect, Greek Thomson.

Geek Walks –

These are 30 minutes walks, completely free that are hosted by Dr. Nina Baker. There are walks to the Merchant City, at George Square and if you want to you can download a free guide to find out more.

Bellahouston Trail –

This is a south side tour, that starts from the Palace of Art, goes to Maze, the Victorian Walled Garden, au to the Rennie Mackintosh’s House for an Art Lover and then to the Empire Exhibition Monument. In 1938 there were over 12.5 million people that gathered in this park for the exhibition that took place then.

Medieval Glasgow –

This is a beautiful collection of paints that shows how Glasgow has grown and transformed over the decades, pictures of markets, Merchant City, of High Street area and cathedral. This one is a full day trip but it’s highly recommended to make it. There are plenty of places to stop for a drink and food so you will have also some time to rest.

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