It’s Not in The Smell of a Man, But in The Memories of a Woman

Seeing someone who is crying could make you sad for them, but did you know that tears smell and that has an entirely different effect?

Pheromone attraction

Research has been done to see if there is a pheromone attraction. They let a group of women watch a movie scene that was very sad, collected any tears and placed these samples of this fluid where men could smell these. These tears did not elicit any empathy as one would think it would. But instead they reduce male arousal sexually and also reduced levels of testosterone. It seemed that these tears conveyed the message that sex was not going to happen tonight.


This research showed some of the most current evidence that people feel all types of things about one another through olfaction. These airborne molecules that cause this reaction in members of the same species are known as pheromones, with the most famous being aphrodisiacs that are very potent like:

  • Androstenol;
  • Androstenone,

In the saliva produced by male boars. When a female who is fertile gets only a whiff of the molecules, she will turn her rear to the male, a gesture in wild boars that means, “let’s have sex”.

Best for men

Unfortunately, most of the best pheromones for men on the market  don’t always work as advertised – in other words, promise a lot that they can’t deliver. But there are some that work wonders – producing:

  • Sexual prowess;
  • High social skills;
  • Magnetism;
  • Charisma.

In other words, pheromones can make you be much better than other men. But remember, pheromones colognes are often just cheap smells – don’t fall for all of them that are selling on the internet.

Researchers in the cologne market have for years looked for the human sex pheromone, but currently all this research has failed.

Answers in the mind

There are some pheromones that do have a romantic attraction designed to cause females to feel a deep attachment to the man who is wearing it. But the answer is in the mind and feelings of the female, not in the smell of the male.

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