Should I be embarrassed to use online dating?

There are still many of us who find the idea of online dating a rather mortifying one. However these same people don’t feel embarrassed about hitting the bar with friends in their best outfits secretly expecting to meet someone datable. Even though hundreds of people are meeting online these days, yet there is still a sense of social taboo when it comes to finding a date online. Many of my friends are still reluctant to reveal the secret of their online dating site.

One shouldn’t shirk from finding a match online- a recently published survey has revealed that couples with meet online fare better than the ones who have met in conventional ways. There are so many of us who resort to the most popular dating sites like okcupid for finding the love of their life.

The main reason why so many of us feel embarrassed about using online dating is that of the fears and misconceptions associated with the idea of meeting a person via the World Wide Web. Though not all dating experiences are going to be a smooth and enjoyable one, you still need to give it a few shots.

The social stigma associated with online dating as slowly starter to fade especially with the advent of Tinder. When you can date with the help of an app why not do it in a better way through a popular online dating website? There are many people around you (not just the net addicted geeks) who are doing but not admitting.

One of the commonest fear of people new to the world of online dating is what happens if someone I know sees my dating profile. Well, is there anything to be ashamed of about people seeing your profile (not unless you have posted nude pics of yourself). As already mentioned above more and more people are resorting to online dating so don’t be surprised to find the profile of your neighbour while browsing through a list of potential dating candidates. Trying not making your profile look stupid so as to avoid any reasons of embarrassment. If you don’t want your friend to view it then you surely would want a potential match to go through it.

Moreover most of the popular online dating site doesn’t make your profile a public one. Your friend will not be able to view your profile unless s/he has signed up with the site. Therefore if your office colleague views your dating profile it implies that they are also trying to find a date online.

If you are still wondering if online dating is unsafe then you need to know that online dating is as safe as meeting a stranger in a club or pub. You can make your dating experience all the more safer by taking a few precautions. For instance you don’t need to share your address or phone number on the profile. Also you need to make sure to meet your date in a public place and not invite her/him right over to your living space.

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