Sexy Ideas to Show the Mother of Your Children That You Care

Motherhood is an incredibly rewarding experience. The opportunity to raise a child, to shape it, protect and teach it are incredible opportunities, but the truth is they can come at a cost. Because it shouldn’t be motherhood that defines a woman. She may be a mother, but she also has the feelings and desires of a woman, she wants to be defined in her own terms, not in terms of the child she is raising. And that is an important thing to remember, especially as a partner who is looking to give a gift to a woman who is a mother – and the mother of his child. As a husband or partner to a mother, be smart, get her a gift that allows her to have fun and let her hair down. Here are a few ideas.

Something raunchy

If you are the kind of guy who enjoys strip clubs – or who finds them necessary to visit when entertaining clients or staff, you might want to consider something similar for your wife. She is probably not going to be interested in looking at naked women, but Melbourne male strippers will be her cup of tea. A great way for her and her friends to let their hair down and have some fun – especially if you agree to sponsor it and to stay home and babysit. Trust her, like she trusts you and give her a night of complete hedonism, out with her friends revelling in the semi-naked irony of a strip club.

Make her feel sexy

Being a mother can often leave a woman feeling completely unsexy. There is certainly nothing glamorous about changing nappies, helping toddlers blow noses or cooking meals for ungrateful children. So, it is quite nice to have something sexy to slip into at the end of the day. Spoil your wife with some slinky underwear or lingerie. If you play your cards right it might mean another child, or alternatively it might just spell good times once the kids have gone to sleep. Whatever you do, make sure that before you head out to do the shopping that you know what size clothes she wears. You absolutely cannot walk into a shop and describe your partner using hand gestures.


Increasing pole and belly dancing are making their way into the mainstream. Where once it was all Tupperware parties and Avon calling, now women are letting their hair down and learning some sensual moves. It is neither smutty nor slutty, it is good clean fun, usually done in conjunction with other women, with the added benefit that she will come home to you and perform.

Acts of service

Sometimes all she wants at the end of a long and hard day is for you to cook dinner or wash the dishes while she relaxes in peace and quiet. Plan an evening for her with candles and bubble bath. Leave her to soak with a good book, sort the kids out and then hit the kitchen. There might not be anything sexy about it, but it will be appreciated more than you know.

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