Sexting Has Never Been So Easier Through Snapchat

Sexting has evolved a lot with the innovation of Snapchat. Why would you consider sending nude snaps through texts when Snapchat is more fun? The platform is more private and including different types of emojis makes that experience far better. The best part of Snapchat is, the photos can’t be saved. Whether the snaps are from you or the opposite side, the images shared gets disappeared. If you want to stare and enjoy the nude photo or want to replay a video, Snapchat doesn’t allow you to do so. This is because Snapchat is known for teasing everyone. As you cannot replay a video or see a picture more than 10 seconds, both the sexting partners keep teasing one another.

Replaying the best moments

This is a good idea especially when you are following a dirty account on Snapchat that keeps posting on their stories. Just find a girl that post Snapchat nude stories on a daily basis and you’ll be amazed to see her as many times as you want. The Snapchat story seems like a highlighted reel or a simple compilation video like a porn movie. However, people generally want to skip the shitty acting and get over to the real stuff. For this reason, the platform of Snapchat is great for sexting. If you are lucky enough the timing of videos or snaps sent may have set to unlimited. However, if you are not lucky enough at least you can see and relive the lustful beast over the snaps for once.

Snapchat allows users to create a unique sensor for them. This means the teasing reaches to next level. The emojis can be used on the snaps as an improved sensor bar. Research says the sexual desires increase a lot when seeing a woman under wet clothes rather than a fully naked body. The desire to know or getting beyond the wet clothes helps a person to go super horny. The drawing feature can also be used to accomplish the same thing of censoring. You can tactfully bare all while the emojis, filters, and drawing features add a screen and create a hilariously artistic nude snap. Let the imagination run wild!

Better than porn

A lot of people respond oddly when they are asked to go nude. Why would you consider sexting on Snapchat when there is free porn on the Internet? Well, these people don’t understand the concept of custom porn. Snapchat nude videos and images are the best way to create personal porn. They are great masturbation materials when compared to generic porn. In a porn site, you have to see whatever the movie is showing. But in the case of Snapchat, you can see images and videos as per the preference and desires. It’s always amazing to see someone baring all rather than a pornstar who is just focused on increasing the views. You can ask your partner to do certain sex acts to make the experience far better.

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