One last tool you need for your Pleasureville Journey

Okay, you are set and ready for your journey to Pleasureville, the journey should take some time and I noticed you are prepared for the journey. You’ve got some cock rings, a lubricant, a Fleshlight or two in your back pack and some good porn videos to make things more steamy. All these are good and should make your journey bump free and smooth but don’t you think you are missing something?

Are you sure you’ve got it all covered? Have you thought of the fact that the journey ahead will make you horny, hornier than you’ve ever be, it would stress you out and you’d need something to quench the fire building in your balls before it consumes you in whole and ruin your journey.

Yeah, you have some Fleshlights to use but when you play that video and you really want to grab an ass, hold some hair while you ram your rod into something warm and wet, you’d need something more than a Fleshlight, you’d need a tool more complex, more delicious, downright intoxicating, something more real to the touch and to the sight, something like realistic sex dolls.

Yup, you heard me right; you need one of those realistic sex dolls. A realistic sex doll is the one last tool you need to make your journey to Pleasureville a success. Well, don’t just stand there, go check out some realistic sex dolls at the nearest adult toy store and I’d be waiting for you over here but before you go, let me clear up some things up for you. You’re thinking if you truly need one and if it’s worth the stress of going back to go get one of those realistic sex dolls, huh? Well, I’d say yeah to both questions.

Realistic sex dolls are lifelike dolls that look and feels like a woman body (in the case of a female sex doll and yeah, we’ve got some male sex doll – they are not just that popular). Realistic sex dolls makes you feel like you are having sex with a real woman without having to deal with issues and demands. Nothing feels better than camping for the night on your way to Pleasureville, playing some porn videos and having some nice time with your realistic sex doll or just cuddling your doll on those lonely cold nights. You also have someone to talk to during your journey, so you don’t feel lonely. No need for imagination and stressing your tired hand wanking when you can grab some ass and engage your senses into living your fantasy. So you see, getting one of those realistic sex dolls is something you need to do before embarking on your journey. So off you go. See ya later and make sure you bring one of those realistic sex dolls along.

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