International Dating 2019

In spite of the immense popularity of social networks like Facebook, international free dating is continuously on the move in 2019. members of all ages and different cultures find online dating community a more suitable place to meet a special one than on the Facebook site. They continue using the famous social network for communicating with family/friends and for other activities, and various dating sites for meeting new dates or a potential life partner. Dating services are happening easier and safer for now so single people actively exchanging messages and chatting online to get to know others better.

As usual, the most active members on international dating sites are men from America that are looking for a future wife from other countries. Nowadays American men are attracted to girls from China due to their unique charm and beauty. Chinese women are also known by their young looking face and slim body even in their ages and strong traditional family values.

According to the survey conducted by free online dating site at the beginning of April 2019, the number of Western European women seeking a life partner abroad had decreased by 17%. And over the same period, there was an increase in the number of personal ads of females from other countries like China.

What happened with the ladies from Western Europe? But they’re using online dating services for the last years intensely. As a result, there were thousands of successful international marriages. Times changed. For now, Western European women prefer closing their personal accounts at all. In their feedbacks, they mentioned their native country as a more convenient place to create a family and raise future kids than twenty years ago when mail-order brides’ catalogs were widely spread and most of the girls dreamed of foreign husband.

As to the women from the Philippines, they keep getting plenty of messages from America, Australia, Europe and find a man for a relationship easily. Filipino girls are the most desirable wives on dating sites as they are easy going and hardworking.

Time flies, the web changes its face, but singles from all over the world stay the same – they dream to love and be loved.

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