Important tips for ensuring privacy while using dating sites

Dating sites do the job of helping unknown strangers become friends for life; but, meeting somebody unknown comes with lots of risk. It is like shooting in a dark dungeon, not knowing what it hits. And if that unknown hits you in a hurtful manner, you are likely to invest your lifetime in coming out of the trauma. So, why not be safe at the very start than being sorry later?

Privacy is the keyword

Not only you need to protect your identity from those known to you; but also you require hiding your information from the stranger who is your potential partner for life. It helps you from imposters and bluffs and also gives the other person a chance to know you in real sense, with no pre-conceived notions. Here is how you can protect the identity.

  • You can use private disposable email address to contact the dating sites. It is anytime better than posting fake information and bearing the ugly consequences later. Your disposable email address has no links with the information you share in normal life and allows you to communicate freely without compromising the security.
  • Never post photos online when asked. Online photos do contain metadata that may reveal their date and location. This way you are giving an idea about probable location of yours unknowingly.
  • Use name that you do not use anywhere else while dealing with people online. Your online identity may become a source of your information. So, ensure that you do not use same name that you use on social networks or other online platforms.
  • Don’t ‘friend’ your new found pal right away on Facebook. Instead, know the person better first and then increase the level of involvement. Your Facebook account exposes lot of information about you and your loved ones that can be misused.

So, follow these tips and make the best use of online dating sites to meet your prospective soulmate without entering into any kind of trouble.

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