How to Save a Toxic Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship takes a lot of commitment and work from both partners. As cliché as it sound communication , open and honest communication is one of the keys ingredients to making a relationship work. But even with this, no relationship is invincible. There will be rough patches, bumps on the road and sometimes debilitating issues that you’re not sure you can overcome.

During these times, the relationship can feel toxic. You can even end up completely hating the person you love and avoiding them completely. But there are ways to fix even the most toxic of relationships provided you are both coming from a place of reconciliation and love.

Resist the Urge to Control Your Partner

Even the best of relationships can spiral into toxicity when there is little trust and intimacy. You may develop the habit of questioning everything you partner does, who they see and where they’ve been. When you get the urge to ask these questions, ask yourself exactly what you are afraid of.

Be Assertive in Communication

A struggling relationship requires effective, clear and assertive communication. For example, when you figure out exactly what you are afraid of, communicate this fear assertively. Make sure your partner understands what has caused the mistrust. Open and honest communication is never as hurtful as passive aggressive behavior.

Give Each Other Space

Understand that your partner has a different way of processing the problems you relationship is having. Giving each other space to figure out what is going on can help heal the relationship. But this is also conditional on effective and open communication about how you feel and how the problems affect your peace of mind. Once in a while, it is important to come together and have meaningful conversations about how to fix the problems you face.

Change Things Up

A relationship can also become toxic when it stalls or when the excitement dies down somewhat. Women can particularly fell undesirable or insecure when the level of sexual intensity falls. The best way to repair a stagnating sex life is to consider experimentation. Consider doing something exciting and new like incorporating sex toys including both female and male sex dolls into your intimate space. Changing the way you relate to each other sexually may greatly reignite the relationship in numerous ways.

Consider Getting Professional Help

Sometimes input from someone else may be what you need to rekindle the flame that was once your relationship. If you are especially having trouble communicating openly, then it is time to consider getting professional help. A third-party who is privy to your relationship problems can help by injecting some objectivity into the problems you face. A counselor is particularly skilled in helping you iron out some of the issues you are facing.

Lastly, it is important to be grateful for the good things your partner does. If all you do is criticize, it can be very difficult for your partner to stay in the right frame of mind to communicate with you effectively.

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