How to Control Your Breath for Better Sex

We all know that having sex is incredibly easy, however, there are always some ways in which you can increase your pleasure. Sure, everybody knows that watching some exciting movies can get you in the mood or that the use of an adult toy such as a realistic dildo can spice things up. And some of us might even know about what foods to eat to improve their sexual performance. The issue with these forms of stimulation is, however, that they are all external. And since we’re so busy thinking about forms of external sexual stimulation, we often forget about our best asset when it comes to sex: the mind.

That’s right when it comes to sex, one of our strongest assets is our own mind. The mind is an extremely powerful tool, so why not use it to our advantage with sex? The truth is, with a little bit of training, there are numerous ways in which you can train or even trick your mind in order to enhance your performance in the bedroom. One of the easiest yet most powerful ways to do so is through controlling your breath – something we’ll have a closer look at it today’s article.

Breathing always plays a crucial role in our performance, no matter what physical activity we take place in. Whether you’re lifting weights, walking up the stairs, or having sex – it’s essential to control your breath. When it comes to exercise, one of the biggest mistakes many people make is not to control their breath. As a result, both their physical and mental performance is not optimal, resulting in lower results and satisfaction. This is why professional athletes always perform breathing exercise, in order to perform better. And the truth is, it’s entirely the same for sex! Controlling your breath in the right way allows you to enjoy sex a whole lot more than you ever did before. And the best part of it all is that it’s not even all that difficult to learn!

What are the benefits?

You may not have heard about it before, but breathing in a consciously controlled way offers significant benefits to a person. Breathing correctly does, for example, allow you to overcome muscle tension and resistance due to the fact that synchronized breathing helps your body to relax. As a result, both regular and anal sex will become a lot easier and more enjoyable.

There is, however, so much more to breathing than simply relaxation. As mentioned above, many people hold their breath during sex. This leads to a situation in which the brain and body do not receive enough oxygen. As a result, your energy levels will reduce and you’ll feel tired a whole lot easier and faster. When this happens during sex, it may result in a softer erection and less enjoyable sex. Breathing in a controlled manner allows you to keep up an erection, delay orgasm, and prolong the act of sex itself. Added to that, taking in proper amounts of oxygen furthermore gets you ‘’high’’. Thanks to this, you’ll feel better during sex, allowing you to enjoy your partner like you never did before.

How to perform sex breathing exercise?

Luckily for us, it’s not very difficult to control your breath in the right way to enjoy sex. Simply follow the three steps listed down below, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying better and more intense sex.

  • Take long and deep breaths

If you’ve ever done yoga before, the basics of sex breathing exercises should be pretty simple for you. Just as when doing yoga, you’ll want to breathe through your abdomen when you’re having sex. To do so, use your stomach muscles to pull air out and in of your body. We admit it might be a bit tricky at first to breath through your abdomen, however, once you’ve mastered this technique, it will come almost naturally. Knowing this breathing technique allows you to relax and feel more comfortable making it certainly worth the effort as it allows you to feel better both during sex and in your everyday life.

  • Breath-synchronized

Once you know how to breathe through your abdomen, it’s time to move on to the second step. Try to breathe in a synchronized way together with your partner. Believe us when we’re saying that this will increase intimacy during sex significantly.

Breath in slowly for about 5 seconds, hold the air in your lungs for 3 seconds, and slowly exhale the air for about 7 seconds. This is the simplest and by far one of the best breathing patterns to follow for better sex. After you have breathed out, pause for a short second or two before inhaling again and repeating the process above. Sure, it’s not realistic to maintain this breathing pattern during the entire time you’re having sex, however, it’s a good guideline to follow. By synchronizing your breathing patterns, you and your partner will feel more relaxed, allowing you to enjoy better sex while your body starts to feel like one.

  • Slow down your breathing

Keeping the same breathing pattern throughout sex is difficult, especially once you’re getting close to having an orgasm. Therefore, once you get close to your climax, try to slow down your breathing and surf the sensational feelings of this breathtaking experience. Only a few people know that the way you breath has a direct effect in the intensity of your orgasm. Some people like to breathe faster whereas others like to hold their breath close to climax. The truth is, however, that this lowers the sensation. If you want to experience the best orgasm of your life, the truth lies in controlling your breath by slowing it down. When you do this, you’ll be able to relax and delay your orgasm which, in turn, results in a more powerful and pleasing climax!

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