Go down on a woman to make her reach orgasm every single time – The tricks for guys

By now you’ve been probably thinking that going down on a woman is the easiest things that you can do to a woman to reach orgasm. The guys who have already mastered the art of oral sex can get hotter sex more often. In fact, going down on a woman is one of the easiest ways in which you can make her want more sex.

However, the problem with the guys is that they have often no clue about how to go down on a woman and perform the best possible oral sex that can give ultimate pleasure to their partner. Though it is easy enough to find out the clitoris with the tongue and to rub her g-spot with the fingers there is a trick that you should follow when you eat pussy. Here are a few to consider.

#1: Make her feel safe and confident

The society and the social media have done a great job in making women too much conscious about their vaginas. As movies show the porn starts going under the knife for vaginal rejuvenation surgery, this throws a question the appearance of the vagina. Hence, if you wish to give your woman the most pleasurable and powerful orgasm, you should first engage in making her feel safe and confident. Gradually go about unleashing the wild side of her. Don’t ever judge the sexual preferences of your partner.

#2: Engage in the best form of foreplay

An average lover invests very little intention and thought into foreplay apart from just taking a plunge into the next step. But little do they know that foreplay is extremely important to arouse your partner in the right way and make her ready for sex. A master of sex will use foreplay to make his partner crave for more and sometimes even beg for sex. You have to engage in the right kind of foreplay which injects a sense of need within the woman.

#3: Make sure you stimulate the entire clitoris

The clit is a small pea-shaped button which is located right at the opening of the vagina. The more you stimulate her there, the harder she can reach orgasm. There are many nerve endings in the clitoris which are woven within the vaginal canal and the vulva. The outer lips of the vagina hold the legs of the clitoris and hence stimulating the entire clitoris can make your partner feel at the top of the world. Stroking her there will make her feel amazing.

#4: Leverage fancy techniques

In case you’re looking for the best oral sex technique, using the fanciest of methods can make you the king of oral sex. As we know that different women have different kind of sensations, you should stop searching for the best technique. Instead, you should try adapting the newest of techniques so that you can experiment and meet her preferences.

Therefore, by now you must have known a lot more on the ways in which you can give your partner the best form of oral sex. Use them to enjoy your sex life.

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