Get ready for a big night out with the girls

The time has been long overdue for you and your lady friends to get out on the town and have a really good girl’s night out, but you want to do more than just toast a couple of cocktails and eat some nice food together. If there are a handful of you or even more, a good option for a solid evening out is available through the use of male strippers.

No matter the occasion

It doesn’t have to a birthday party or a pre-marriage party – strippers can be around for any event that you deem appropriate. Of course, you don’t want this to be seen by children, so steer clear of that, but in the safety, and privacy of your own home in Sydney and elsewhere, you can enjoy the fun you have hired.


Establishment that hire out male strippers have so many men on their books – of all shapes and sizes, so you can be quite picky about who you would cavorting around your living room on the Gold Coast or wherever. Whether your want men with big biceps or large arms, or whether you want strippers that have shaven their head or have grown a great beard – these are the sorts of things you can tell the person who is ready to help you on the other end of the telephone or email conversation. So, yes, don’t be shy to tell them exactly what you want from there.


Sometimes strippers can come as a pair or in a group, or as individuals – and the size of your party can determine what sort of collective you require. There are several dynamics to the collection, so think it through carefully before committing to one or the other.  Chat it through with your friends, and see what their thoughts on the matter are before making sure that you get exactly what one and all want from the event.


Again, tell the company offering the service exactly what you want. They should be willing to accommodate your needs as far as possible. If not, they might suggest other ideas that you might not have thought of, which are actually a stronger and better option for your event. Perhaps you want a particular dance done by the stripper or perhaps you would like a couple of favourite songs plugged in as the backing tracks – these are the best kind of things to discuss with the provider of the service.

Independent or not

It’s most advisable to go through a company, rather than recruiting an independent stripper. The company will cover you for any potential problems or shortfalls – and your peace of mind is worth more to you than some. So, this is another thing to think through. Do your homework and find the right strip service for you. Don’t be shy to shop around – consider the options, and ultimately find the right one that works for exactly what you want. Then, all you need to do is get ready for a really fun event.

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