I have no idea whether people actually have more sex when the sun is shining on the back of their necks than when it is cold. Logic would, perhaps, make sense either way. Shag your way through the winter to stay warm and to affirm that you are going to get through it to the change in the weather. Or bonk in the summer when everyone looks better and is wearing fewer clothes. Alfred Lord Tennyson put forward one viewpoint; β€œIn the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” But certainly, popular culture sells us hard on the idea that young people rut in the sunshine. From Spring Break in Florida being a rite of passage for students in the United States to The Only Way Is Marbs on British television, tanned flesh covered in sun oil always seems more desirable in the popular mind than cold flesh wrapped up in layers.

Though I must admit that, personally, my sexual fancy is tickled more by concealing than revealing. A dominatrix in latex or leather is sexier to me than some girl in a barely there bikini. An elegant woman in furs in the snow gets me going more than a sexy escort woman in a bandage dress. Maybe I just like to unwrap my presents rather than having them just given to me as they are!

But I certainly seem to be in the minority in my viewpoint. When people arrive Mallorca having spent months without feeling the sun really warm their bones, they do go a little crazy. And that is before they hit the vino (or the vino this them). Warm sun, balmy night, lots of tanned flesh on display in revealing clothes. Guys with six packs wandering around make it the ladies horny so that the guys without them get laid anyway. The honey in their string bikinis and high wedge heels will get pretty much every man going. And I have certainly seen a few unfortunate incidents on the streets with men in shorts, women in bikinis and throws and the appearance of a poorly timed erection. But people tend to take it in good part – if you see what I mean – and I guess it has to be a little bit of a compliment to a lady, though I am sure most would prefer something a little more subtle.

But all in all, the sun does turn not just a young man’s fancy to thoughts of love, but older men too. And, let’s not forget, women as well. We all like a bit of fun in the sun, don’t we?

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