Everything about how facial recognition works in porn for efficient dating

Today the whole world is somehow dependent on technological advancement. Porn industry from its very beginning has been utilizing the technology for its development. With the introduction of the Internet, the rise in porn films was most efficient.

Nowadays, as everybody knows, Automated Identification system is used everywhere. Biometric identification such as facial recognition is one the most advanced form of Automated Identification. But the question is why facial recognition is needed in the porn?

The need for facial recognition in porn:-

  • Positive recognition of pornstars –

With the help of facial recognition, the user can have a positive recognition of their favorite pornstars. It is the most basic societal requirement in the porn industry. Many individuals have the fantasy of dating any pornstar, and facial recognition helps to detect the desired pornstar details among the huge crowd of the porn industry.

  • Electronic verification of their true identity –

In this highly digitalized world, there is a true need for electronic Identification of the true identity of the long list of pornstars in the porn industry. This helps to keep a whole data of accurate identification of every pornstar working there. Many porn sources help to detect the identity of pornstars with the help of facial recognition method.

  • Data storage of pornstars –

When there are so many workers in any industry, there is a need for data of each and every pornstar identity for safe and secure working. The data helps to identify the true identity of the workers in porn industries if any investigation occurs. Pornstars need a secured workplace which can be achieved by data storage through facial recognition.

How facial recognition works in porn is a whole long process. But briefly, there are two techniques used to identify the pornstars.

Two most used techniques of facial recognition in porns:-

  • Feature-based recognition –

Feature-based recognitions enables to identify the image through the small features of individual pornstars like the eyes, nose, any facial spot, and the measurements. These measurements are matched with the data, and the pornstar is recognized.

  • Appearance-based recognition –

The identification of the whole face appearance is done, and not merely the small details and features are checked. The whole image is processed for recognition without destroying the details of the image of the particular pornstar.

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