Europe’s second sex doll brothel could open in London

Founders of the world’s first sex doll brothel plan to replicate its success at a mystery location in either Europe or the US.

The owners of Lumi Dolls are expanding outside of Spain to expose the rest of the world to something possibly bigger and better than its flagship spot in Barcelona.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star newspaper, co-founder Sergi Prieto revealed his vision which will involve several franchises.

He said: “The new venue will in a place where there are millions of more people live than in Barcelona, I can you tell you.

“Like our Barcelona bordello, our new place will have a minimum of four rooms, but there could be more.

“We’re not exactly sure yet because we are still searching for the correct location.”

Escorts with artificial intelligence will certainly excite the growing number of clients experimenting with robot love.

In Barcelona, you can spend time with a Lumi Doll in any one of four themed boudoirs with girls who have a striking resemblance to human women.

Their ample assets, full lips and the fact men are able to have vaginal, anal and oral sex with the only add to their appeal.

“We trust our image would work extremely well in the UK,” a Lumi Dolls’ spokesperson began.

“Our optimal area would be London. We search for capital cities with a high volume of people, so London would be perfect to make a Lumi Dolls establishment.

“We are searching for an investor who wants to help us expand the Lumi Dolls brand in the UK.”

While there is a rise of robots in the adult industry, there is always going to be the desire for the real thing. Even when Lumi Dolls does make the move to London there will always be the need for London escorts.

Companies across the world are racing to develop the most advanced robot woman possible in what is a commercially viable industry.

Samantha, the sex doll with sensors, designed by Sergi Santos, is already a cut above the rest but is being programmed to one day be able to recognize human emotions based on her own inbuilt code of conduct.

Creator Santos is even toying with the idea of making her physically aroused somehow, while others want to see these dolls become animated.

When Lumi Dolls became the first in Europe to open a brothel of this kind in February 2017, RoboLove was controversial.

The unexpected backlash led to the original venue shutting and relocating elsewhere in Barcelona to keep local sex workers happy.

Now the firm is being welcomed with open thermoplastic arms.

The spokesperson added: “The dolls are absolutely realistic, both in their joint movements and in touch so you will be able to fulfill your dreams with no limits.

“These sex dolls will make the experience more pleasurable, energizing and sexual.”

Hygiene need not be a concern because the company assures clients after each happy ending the doll is cleaned to the same perfection she was created. Happy days.

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