Dating Tips For People That Are Shy

Shy women and men dating need to realize that they should stay in the moment as much as they can. If you are shy you surely know that there is a tendency to overthink everything as soon as new social situations appear. Shy people are really interesting and dynamic but it is hard to see that because of the introspective personality they have.

The big problem with online dating is feeling comfortable. This is paramount for everything to turn out great. Whether you just want to use the best adult dating apps or someone set up a blind date for you, if you are shy, remember the following.

Distracting Accessory Or Clothing Item

The most difficult date is always the first one for a shy person. It tends to be really awkward so if you want it to be more comfortable, simply wear items that could be a great conversation starter. Instead of being focused on what you think, the accessory or clothing item can be what both of you are focused on. The pressure will be taken off of you. Just wear hats or shirts with college names, an interesting watch, a great handbag or add a standout case on your smartphone.

Stay Focused On Something You Like

If you are shy your personality is strong but you are feeling uncomfortable when you are in the company of people you do not know. This is a positive trait as you are using caution when you meet new people. What you should do is stop overthinking because you do not know the other person. The thoughts you have should be redirected towards interests. Talk about those interests when you are on a date. The conversation can be steered towards television programs watched, vacation locations or even the books you read.

Videotape Yourself

Going on a first date is really similar to being on TV as the same psychological strain is put on you. A great trick to become more comfortable is to start video taping yourself. Just talk to the camera, say hello and then ask questions. Then, watch the video to see how it turned out. As time passes you quickly figure out what you have to improve and you will become much more comfortable and natural. Because of the fact that you become comfortable in front of a video camera you reap in many extra benefits that are pretty obvious, including a confidence boost.

Keep Hands Occupied

If you feel nervous it is a great idea to do something with your hands. Something as simple as moving your fingers under the table can do wonders. A recommended thing that you can always do is take your index and thumb fingers and press them together. The medium pressure created will remove some of the anxiety that you feel. This distracts you and the date will not even realize that you are doing this to remove some of the anxiousness you feel. If you are not comfortable with this or you are in a situation where you are not seated, just keep the hands in your pockets.

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