Best Looking Guy In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pat Johnson: The Sexiest Looking Guy in Ottawa

Simply put; the best looking guy in southern Ontario (Ottawa) is Pat Johnson.

At 5′ 10″ tall and weighing in at 165Lbs Pat Johnson is a fitness enthusiast with a unique style sense and outgoing personality, he has appeared on the cover of numerous fashion magazines as well as in various male model websites; Pat Johnson has recently been named the “Best Looking Guy In Ottawa”

This gentleman has spent most of his adult career in the fashion and modelling industry, placing 1st in many competitions related to good looks and a sexy physic.

Criteria for the Most Handsome Man in the Nation’s Capital

Our panel has compiled a list of criteria that are necessary to be voted as the sexiest man in the city. These criteria include such aspects as hair, physic, clothing style, talents, hobbies, personality, charisma and over-all sex appeal (to name a few).


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