6 Surprising Health Benefits of Prostate Massagers That Are Too Good To Overlook

Every so often, science gives us a little nod that sometimes, the things we love, love us right back. Recent studies have found a beer to be heart healthy, sex to burn calories, and cheese to give your brain the same euphoric reaction that can only otherwise be obtained by hard drugs, science has now brought us the amazing health benefits of prostate massagers.

Ah, the prostate. Long known humbly as the small donut-shaped organ that surrounds a man’s internal urethra and produces ejaculate, has recently been given a closer look by some of the fields burgeoning professionals. Turns out, that little scamp has been flying under the radar for far too long. In the last few years, some researchers and men ’s health enthusiasts have termed the prostate as the “male G-spot”. A secret is known only to the wildings of underground sex trades and doctors offices. In the last few years, this has gotten our little donut some excellent attention and convinced us to give it a little attention ourselves.

Whether you’re looking for solo prostate massagers, or hoping to play with a friend, there is absolutely a gadget out there to be found. Vibrating, expanding, any known color to man, even just a well-lubed finger are all excellent ways to tickle your way to better health.

1. It’s really enjoyable

A lot of men who decide to take the plunge (no pun intended) into seeing what a prostate massager might offer them, come back quite pleasantly surprised. Using a prostate massager during sex can increase the sensitivity and intensity of orgasms in men.  Not only that, but they’re fun. Bringing in a little play into the bedroom is never a bad thing. Introducing toys of any kind can increase the duration of your sexcapades and ultimately increase the heart, lung, and metabolic benefits of your standard romp.

2. Promotes blood flow to your nethers

Theoretically speaking, a few tests are being conducted on the matter, many doctors agree that milking or massaging the prostate can increase blood flow to the area, not different than a decent massage therapy session will do for your back. Increasing blood flow to any of the tissues south of the border can lead to better, and more frequent, erections. Some doctors have even suggested the utilization of prostate massage for erectile dysfunction therapy.

3. Can improve urine flow

Because the prostate encircles the urethra, if it becomes inflamed or tense, it can cut off or impede the normal flow of urine. For some men, this is an extremely uncomfortable and painful experience. Stimulation of the prostate with the help of a prostate massager can help release the excess fluid build-up within the gland, or help ease surrounding muscular tension, getting you to tinkle town a bit quicker.

4. Can reduce the risk of certain infections

The prostate, much like just about any other gland in our bodies, secrets specific fluids to aid your little swimmers in navigating the big outside world. Prostatic fluid, along with sperm, and seminal vesicle fluid are all expelled at the same time during ejaculation. Occasionally, the duct that is used to secrete the prostatic fluid can become blocked. If the problem isn’t addressed, it can result in a number of infections – including prostatitis. With the help of your little prostate massaging super friend, you can regularly “assist” in the expression and expulsion of this fluid, clearing the duct and helping to prevent any further infection.

5. Can ease the pain of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a pretty painful situation in which the prostate becomes inflamed or swollen. This can occasionally be caused by bacteria. While it hasn’t been studied specifically, it’s not at all unheard of in practice among some of the nation’s urologists, and they seem to be producing good results with the use of prostate massagers. Again, “milking” the prostate encourages the gland to expel excess fluid, occasionally relaxing the tension on the urethra and tossing out some pesky bacteria to boot.

6. May improve pelvic floor muscles

The ladies have kegel balls and now the men have prostate massagers. One of the best ways to keep any muscle in good condition is to use it often. The pelvic floor muscles are not different. With orgasm, urination, and bowel movements, this muscles with flex and relax in accordance with your activities. Massaging the prostate during orgasm can give these muscles an extra boost of blood and a mini work out.

While few scientific studies have focused much on the health benefits of prostate massagers, because well, science is expensive, most urologists agree that they believe that there is some degree of benefit to encouraging your prostate to expel its contents now and again.  The plus side of all of this is that, even if the reported benefits are bogus, or minimally effective, the orgasms that a man can experience with some newly discovered anal play have absolutely been explored and proven. So, I guess what we’re saying is, worst case scenario, it will feel really great. And that’s a benefit we can happily get behind.

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